Provide the behavioral healthcare your community needs.

Extend and complement your care teams and services.

Bend Health is a national mental health care provider that delivers high-quality accessible care. We partner with health systems to deliver care through their clinical pathways or through our treatment programs.

Comprehensive support that bends to the family’s needs.

Coaching + Therapy

Our team of pediatric mental health experts deliver a comprehensive, personalized care plan, followed by treatment through weekly 45-minute video sessions.

Families receive additional support whenever they need it with unlimited messaging and have a constant view of progress through monthly reports and video updates.

+ Medications

In some cases, medication may be appropriate. After clinical evaluation of all factors, including social determinants of health, medication may be prescribed and managed by a licensed child and adolescent psychiatrist.

= Outcomes

Our 360 degrees of support engages the whole family and drives behavior change to achieve outcomes and improve HEDIS scores. Bend Health helps families feel better, faster with evidence-based measures and objective data at baseline and monthly identifies the right treatment in 2x the time.

Here’s how it works

Bend Health partners with your primary care system

We augment or act as a referral source for your clinicians

We bill through standardized CoCM codes