To bend the healthcare system to work better for us all.

We created Bend Health to empower families to get expert care when and where they need it. Because all kids deserve it.

Our Why

Bend Health, Inc. is a national healthcare provider headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Our innovative technology increases access, improves quality, and reduces the cost of mental health care for families.

Our founding family

Bend Health was created by husband/wife team Kurt and Monika Roots. Both have deep experience in healthcare – Kurt in data science and Monika in practice as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Perhaps even more importantly, they understand firsthand how critical mental health care is for kids.

"Growing up with a brother with special needs in rural Wisconsin highlighted the shortage of experts and how that very directly impacted our family."

- Kurt Roots, Cofounder

"The most frequent problem I have encountered in over 14 years of treating kids is inadequate or inappropriate diagnosis and treatment. It’s time to change that."

- Monika Roots, MD, Cofounder

Our expert team

Our founding team is made up of successful entrepreneurs who have been in both technology and healthcare for over twenty years in both private practices and at companies like Optum, Oracle, and Teladoc Health. They all care deeply about the problem we’re working together to solve, and bring lots of heart alongside their practical experience.

Kurt Roots


Monika Roots, MD

President, CMO

Geoff Bremner

Chief Growth Officer

Julie Dimoulakis

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Pioske

Chief Administrative Officer

Leann Sims

EVP, Growth

Claire Davidovich

VP of Operations

Rosimar Suddeth, LCSW-S

VP of Clinical Services

Donna McCutchen, LCSW

VP of Program Development

Christine Picard, RN

Director of Nursing

Amit Parikh, MD

Senior Vice President of Clinical Services

Richard Mockler

Strategic Relationships

Scientific Advisory Board

Joseph Biederman, MD

Clinical Advisor

Jonathan Jensen, MD

Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist

Kin-Joe Sham, PhD


Emily Wells Cross, Pharm.D

Pediatric Pharmacist

Jonathan Jensen, MD

Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist

Kin-Joe Sham, PhD


We’re hiring!

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