To bend the healthcare system to work better for us all.

We created Bend Health to empower families to get expert care when and where they need it. Because all kids and teens deserve it.

Through decades of experience in mental health, co-founder Dr. Monika Roots was struck by two things:

Monika Roots, MD
President and Chief Medical Officer

Conditions and concerns, A-Z.

Bend Health helps families manage mental health conditions and concerns for kids and teens, including but not limited to:

ADHD and other focus issues
Anxiety disorders (general, social, OCD, etc.)
Behavioral concerns
Internet / tech addiction
Parenting skills
Self-esteem issues
Sleep issues and insomnia
 Substance use
Trauma disorders/PTSD

Whatever one person within the family is going through affects the whole family. We can help.

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Care for kids and teens.

Age-appropriate care techniques 

Kids aren't just little adults. We provide techniques tailored to their current life stage, development, and what matters to them. From age 1 to 17, we deliver care that meets them where they are.

Expert pediatric psychiatrists

Pediatricians are experts at treating the body. When it comes to matters of the mind, the best results are typically achieved with expert pediatric psychiatrists. Our team specializes in mental health care for kids and teens, plus we can work with your pediatrician or primary care physician.

Anytime, anywhere access

We know family calendars are full and that your kid’s well-being is top priority: We address both needs with our digital platform. It allows us to connect wherever you are (within our 49 available states) and whenever it works for you.

Refreshingly collaborative

At Bend Health, our care teams are always on the same page through regular check-ins. Our whole-person, whole-family™ approach to care also means care isn’t behind closed doors, and we’ll share progress reports with you and your pediatrician.

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