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There’s a growing mental health crisis.

While it affects every age group, kids and teens are the most profoundly affected.


of kids and teens have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.



don’t receive treatment.



child and adolescent psychiatrists across the U.S. aren't enough to meet demand.



of counties lack a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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Our solution is a family-based digital mental health platform offering timely access to teen and child psychiatry and support services.

We are a national healthcare provider with the platform, team, and expertise to help address this mental health crisis.

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Optimized evaluation and treatment—Proprietary technology and AI-enabled clinical decision support

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Clinically validated collaborative care model (CoCM)

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Evidence-based treatment plans and objective outcome measures

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Delivered directly to patients, or through their health system and plan

To best reach families in need, we partner with health plans, health systems, and employers.

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