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Bend Health Expands Mental Health Care to Offer Support to Ages 18-25

Press Release


April 15, 2024

Leading Pediatric Mental Health Provider Now Supporting Kids and Young Adults Ages 1-25

MADISON, Wis., (April 15, 2024) - Bend Health, Inc. ("Bend"), a national provider of pediatric mental health care for children, teens, and families, today announced its expansion to offer mental health support to young adults ages 18 to 25, ensuring a comprehensive continuum of care from childhood through early adulthood.

Today’s young adults are facing unique challenges, including the pressures of social media and the impact of pandemic-related isolation. With young adults 18-25 in the U.S. reporting twice the rates of anxiety and depression as teens, and a 57% increase in death by suicide in youth between ages 10-24 from 2007-2018, the expansion of Bend’s program provides essential mental health resources to foster the development of confidence and resilience in young adults as they navigate the complexities of the early adult years.

Bend Health's approach involves working closely with a dedicated coach and a personalized care team that can include a therapist and psychiatrist if clinically indicated. Rooted in a skill-building approach, Bend has developed tailored care programs that meet the specific needs of individuals aged 1 to 25. These care programs address issues ranging from low-acuity concerns like school or career stress and transitioning to adulthood to more complex behavioral health needs like anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, or substance use. 

"Expanding Bend’s services to include young adults allows us to create a seamless continuum of care, ensuring that kids who have grown up within the Bend Health system can transition into adulthood with ongoing support,” said Dr. Monika Roots, Co-Founder and President at Bend Health. “This extension aligns with our commitment to promoting the mental health and resilience of every individual we serve, from early childhood through the formative years of early adulthood."

Bend services now cover the broadest range of need for youth and families seeking mental health support. Bend creates multiple points of access for families through direct enrollment by pediatricians and primary care physicians, preventive coaching services through employer benefit plans, and in-network access for 95 million lives through health insurance plans. 

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About Bend Health, Inc. 

Bend Health, Inc., a national provider of mental health care services for kids, teens and young adults up to age 25, is on a mission to improve access to high-quality mental health care. With care options to address prevention through severe mental health - inclusive of neuropsychological testing services - Bend Health surrounds the family with the right intervention for every moment of need. Bend’s unique collaborative care model includes coaches, therapists, and psychiatric providers who work with youth and families and deliver better outcomes. Bend’s services are available to over 95 million people through partnerships with leading insurers, employers, and health systems. For more information, visit www.BendHealth.com