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Introducing Champions of the Mind athlete coaching program






July 15, 2023
"Between social media pressure and balancing the high demands of performance and academics, our young athletes are in need of greater mental health support.”
—Amit Parikh, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Sports Psychiatrist, Bend Health

Does your child…

  • Stress about performance pressure?
  • Struggle with balancing their responsibilities?
  • Feel the effects of physical and mental exhaustion?
  • Experience sports-related bullying online? 

Champions of the Mind is a coaching program designed for young athletes and their families who are looking to improve their mental fitness. Working with a Bend Coach to learn skills will boost their wellbeing in and out of competition. 

Champions of the Mind

Gain the tools your child or teen needs to handle the pressure of competitive sports. Bend offers developmentally-appropriate coaching programs for aspiring athletes, both big (teen) and small (ages 6-12). 

Together we will help your child or teen athlete to develop mental skills, such as goal setting and positive self-talk, to optimize performance and support emotional well-being in all areas of their lives. Our program helps young athletes manage the stress and anxiety commonly linked to competitive sports, improves confidence and motivation, while also addressing life skills that promote injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

In this program, your child or teen will work with a dedicated coach to:

  • Manage sports-related stress and anxiety 
  • Balance both athletic and academic responsibilities 
  • Optimize their performance
  • Learn how to prioritize their emotional well-being
  • Prevent injury through healthy habits

This two-month curriculum and program offers:

  • Regular live, virtual sessions with a Bend coach
  • Engaging, interactive learning experiences to reinforce concepts
  • Unlimited caregiver chat with care team

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