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Monthly assessments help our members feel better, faster





May 10, 2024

During your time with Bend, your assessments will be an important part of the journey to feeling better. Each month, you’ll receive an email to assess progress as a part of the care experience.

Real-time feedback and real-life updates matter. Our symptom assessments are used by your care team to create the right, personalized care plan for you. Read on for what you can expect and why it matters. 

Evidence-based care helps our members get better, faster

By looking at things like anxiety, depression, stress, focus, and attention, we’re able to make sure you or your child are on the path to feeling better. You’ll be going through the same process each month, which can feel repetitive, but these check-ins give our practitioners powerful, data-driven insight into how to best support you.

Real-time care for real life

We know that a lot happens between appointments. That’s why we ask that you complete your assessment as soon as possible, so that we make real-time adjustments to your care plan. You’ll be asked to share a quick video as well. Hearing directly from you or your child, paired with clinically-proven data, gives us a full picture of how things are going.  

It takes 10 minutes or less, each month

We know you have a lot going on and adding one more thing to the list can be overwhelming, so we’ve kept things as simple as possible. You’ll receive an email every 31 days asking you to complete the assessment. Expect to set aside 5 to 10 minutes to complete questions. If you have a child in care, we ask that they are with you for the assessment.  

We’re so glad that you’ve turned to Bend for support. Our team is here for you, so reach out if you have any questions about assessments or your overall care experience.