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What is the best time of day for a therapy or coaching appointment?




October 24, 2023

At Bend, we believe that your family’s mental health is a priority, and getting the right care right away is so important. That’s why we’re here to help you find ways to prioritize mental health visits while juggling everything else on your to-do list. 

Appointments are available during school hours

Bend is excited to offer appointments during school hours for kids and teens. In-school coaching or therapy sessions can provide a crucial lifeline for children with diagnoses like ADHD, anxiety, or depression. This time can offer students an opportunity to step away from the demands of their school, taking a much-needed break to focus on their mental health. 

Did you know that appointments during school hours are actually really common? It’s true! In fact, some states (Washington, California, Maine, and Colorado) have mandates for mental health days in public schools. 

While a school environment can often be a source of stress, having this specialized, real-time support can help students better cope with their day-to-day challenges and foster a more inclusive and understanding educational environment. At Bend, we’ve found these in-school sessions help kids and teens to excel both academically and emotionally. 

Finding the right time for your child’s appointments

Every family is different, so it can be helpful to start by thinking about what time of day and week might be best for your child or teen to have an appointment with their Bend coach or therapist. 

When is your child best able to focus? Is it before school to start the day off right? Or during lunch, study hall, or after school? Is there a time of day or day of the week when a mental health break would be most helpful to your child?

It may be tempting to cancel or push back appointments by weeks or months to find a more convenient time, but it’s important that children receive care on the schedule recommended by their providers. Your care team at Bend is here to help you model the importance of prioritizing mental health for your child, so that they know that their well-being matters. 

Advocating for your child at school

Bend is here to help when it comes to advocating for your child. Here are a few tips from our experts: 

  • Remember that you and your child are not alone. Many children and teens receive mental health support. Statistically speaking, in a classroom of 21 students, four other kids in the class are experiencing similar challenges.

  • Bend is here to help you advocate for your child in the classroom. You can notify teachers about upcoming appointments in advance so accommodations can be made.

  • You can discuss with your school the possibility of getting a 504 plan, which provides formal learning support to kids. You can learn more about 504 plans here.

If you’re already a member, you can schedule a session during school hours right away. Otherwise, get started today with Bend! We’re here for you every step of the way.